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Most Popular Design Planning Scaffolding

  1. Simple Scaffolding

    Don't worry! Most scaffolding we erect does not need the added expense of computer aided software design such as standard homes and retails buildings.
  2. Custom Scaffold

    Often we don't need to fire up the C.A.D software to design scaffold for your building. Based on our experience we can mostly do it on paper saving your time and money.
  3. Elaborate Scaffold

    If your scaffolding supports loads or is an awkward design and extremely complex are very large scale in terms of safely feeding the load straight to ground we will design your scaffolding on C.A.D software.

We Can Handle All Your Design Planning Needs!

Planning& Design

Scaffolding design & planning are the most important part of any scaffolding erections. At Brook Scaffolding based on your briefing we perform a full on-site survey to determine your exact scaffold requirements. This allows our site surveyor to identify and design your scaffolding to function safely and efficiently. When we have done a full survey and agreed the most effective solution we can arrange to start any work.

male and female working on computers designing scaffolding
a double v large factory roof with a very efficeint scaffold design erected way above the roof tops
  • Construction & Builders
  • Scaffolding Design
  • Retail & Commercial
  • Industrial Scaffolding
  • High Rise Scaffolds
  • Church Scaffolding
  • Scaffold Bridges
  • Staircases
  • Hoardings

Installation Design

simple scaffold design implimented on a small detacthed property
  • Scaffolding Stacks
  • Scaffolding Erectors
  • Domestic Access Scaffold
  • Temporary Scaffold
  • New Build Access Scaffold
  • Timber Frame Scaffolding
  • Scaffold Towers
  • Scaffold Installation
  • Rubbish Chutes

Once a design is agreed our team arranges a date convenient to yourselves to supply, deliver and install your scaffold. We have quality scaffolding available throughout Sheffield to ensure quick delivery and our scaffold installers and designers are trained by us and all live in Sheffield and work for only us full time.

simple scaffold install on a sheffield small factory

Dismantling Design

scaffold being dismantled from our design

Although you may not have realised it but the dismantling of your scaffolding requires just as much attention to detail as erecting & installing it. This is why we plan and brief our team so they all know how to safely and efficiently dismantle and remove all your existing scaffolding whilst always maintaining every ones safety. Even if the scaffold was not designed or installed by us we can still dismantle and remove it.

The Scaffold Work At Height Regulations

a brook scaffolder scaffolder working at the very top of 3 storey building

When using any equipment of height in the workplace including a simple scaffold tower the Work At Height Regulations (2005) applies to you. You must ensure that not only the person building the tower is competent but also those who use and supervise the tower are competent to do so. A competent person is one who demonstrates they have sufficient professional training, knowledge, experience and authority to enable them to competently and safely do so.

Custom Designed Scaffolding

custom scaffold designers on site surveying a building for scaffolding

We can custom design scaffold around any building or structure you may need scaffolding. As well as unusually shaped structures we have designed & installed scaffolding around aircraft, vehicles for restoration and many other projects. Our expert scaffold design team are experienced and qualified which is why we are all you need from design & installation to dismantling & removal whilst keeping everyone safe.

Scaffolding Designs

difficult ally way scaffolding allowing workers access to the hight exterior whilst allowing workers to get access to the building entrance and car park

The Brook Scaffolding design team use many different traditional long established scaffolding techniques as well as new scaffold systems to accomplish almost any requirements. Not just simple scaffold platforms & towers but also elaborate shoring, propping, form work and stages along with rubbish chutes, sheeting, netting & temporary roofing all custom designed in house to completely cater for all your scaffold needs.

Top Design Planning Scaffolding

  1. Scaffold Bridges
  2. Industrial Scaffolding
  3. Staircase Scaffolding
  4. Loading Bay Scaffold
  5. Stack Scaffolds
  6. Flying Shore Scaffold
  7. Cantilevered Scaffold
  8. Support Scaffold
  9. Tagged Scaffold
  10. Hanging Scaffold
  11. Rubbish Chutes

Why Brook Scaffolding?

close up of professionally designed scaffold on an industrial factory

Brook Scaffolding in Sheffield provide professionally designed scaffolding for both domestic scaffold and commercial scaffold clients. All our customers can be confident their requirements are being taken care of by a reputable scaffolding company they can rely on and trust.

  • C.A.D Scaffold Software Design
  • Expert Scaffolding Planning
  • Seamless Service
  • Almost Any Building
  • install & Removal Planning

Need Sheffield Scaffolders?

factory scaffolding by brook scaffold design specialists

Whatever your scaffolding design & planning requirements you can trust in the specialists at Brook Scaffolding to provide a first class scaffolding service from design and installation to on time removal. With a wealth of experience in all aspects of scaffolding our experts can easily accommodate all your scaffolding needs.

  • No Job Too Small
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Free On-Site Quotations
  • Pavement Permit Applications
  • Emergency Call Out
  • Free Advice & Consultation
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